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Your Goddess
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Mistress with whip

I am beautiful, damn sexy, classy, powerful, demanding and intelligent. And I am aware of all these more than your small and blank mind can ever understand.

My mistery and My magnetism are just the beginning, just feeling my presence demands attention.Your mind is blank!!! You need My instructions!!!! This is My life and My lifestyle and as such I take what I do seriously. I am passionate about domination in every way.

Domination is very complex, it can't be faked, taught or learnt. And I was born with it, a total prove being the fact that you can't take your eyes away from Me, I take your breath away and I demand all your attention when I am around. My true place in life is as a Mistress and I have the control of the others.

I am VERY happy I was born a girl because I can manipulate men like puppets, use them for my will and pleasure … and that I love it. So, be aware.. I am warning you.... I will draw you into My world.. I will weaken you, manipulate you and make you My helpless little puppet.

This is the chance you have been waiting for; to serve an intelligent, creative, articulate and confident Woman. Please note Domination is not prostitution if that is what you require please look elsewhere ,no sexual service is offered by Myself.As a well-mannered and professional woman I expect good manners and discretion. I do not offer sex; please do not insult Me by asking.

I am Mistress Luana and I am a Lifestyle Domme and being a Domme is not something that I have just picked up at a shopping centre, nor do I do it for sexual excitement.... it is something much deeper than that. I love to be served, worshipped, spoiled and adored.

I am demanding as I deserve only the best. I am naturally dominant & have been exercising my power since I was a little girl. I am a very playful and extremely sensuous type of Mistress! I conduct all of My session with an erotic touch which so many of My slaves find absolutly astonishing.

The mixture of hardcore domination and sensuous play is a very powerful and desirable combination to Me which I think I have perfected to an art form. In general I love to take charge of lost souls and control each situation to my liking. I am the happiest when I have a man under my foot and at My disposal! I love over-powering a man and holding him captive by force and charm.

I will posses your entire being. I will push your boundaries, empty you and remake you the way I desire. I will captivate you with My hypnotic green eyes, and lure you into My web. You will become My prey, My property and My slave. When I enter your mind, I mean really enter your mind you will become My mental prisoner, My sexual fuel. A living canvas upon which to carve out my fantasies. You are now being truly dominated.