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  1. From now on I will be the only one you will serve, you aren't on yourself from now on because I am your Mistress, the one you must worship like a Godess with every breath you take !
  2. Nobody in your life has the same importance as I do, if you do not understand this, you are dismised just from the beginning !
  3. Don't you ever lie. If I decide to give you a second chance, it will cost you...
  4. You must give Me an initial tribute, without this I doubt you will get My attention.
  5. Concentrate on how you can give Me more money, because doing this maybe one day you will be included between My favourite slaves.
  6. For being My slave you must define your status by making regular payments to Me.
  7. You will trust Me completely. Never question My orders!!! If I decided to give them that means I thought about and if I can demand this from you as you revealed to Me.
  8. First impresions are everlasting for Me, so you have to do your best. A Money slave tribute shows me you can be obedient. You give because you need to. Not because I order you to.
  9. As far as masturbating goes... NOT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Ok, sweetie? Chastity will of course be brought up in time, wimp.
  10. Do not pester Me with annoying whiney emails on why I haven't returned your emails or offline messages. Just like that really pretty popular girl in school that totally ignored you fag, so will I. My personal life is My business and only the extremely privileged are allowed into it.