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Please note Domination is not prostitution if that is what you require please look elsewhere, no sexual service is offered by Myself. As a well-mannered and professional woman I expect good manners and discretion.

I do not offer sex; please do not insult Me by asking. I am Mistress Luana and I am a Lifestyle Domme and being a Domme is not something that I have just picked up at a shopping centre, nor do I do it for sexual excitement... it is something much deeper than that.

I love to be served, worshipped, spoiled and adored. I am demanding as I deserve only the best. I am naturally dominant & have been exercising my power since I was a little girl. I am a very playful and extremely sensuous type of Mistress! I conduct all of My session with an erotic touch which so many of My slaves find absolutly astonishing.

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The mixture of hardcore domination and sensuous play is a very powerful and desirable combination to Me which I think I have perfected to an art form. In general I love to take charge of lost souls and control each situation to my liking. I am the happiest when I have a man under my foot and at My disposal!

I enjoy very much distance training, as it allows Me the freedom to express My naughty imagination! No matter where you are located, you will feel My control and power and find yourself reduced to a very submissive state indeed!

How do you feel knowing I could contact you at any time,day or night,ordering you to carry out My demands? Will I humiliate you in public places or get you out of bed to dress like My maid? Just imagine the power I have on you...

You know I am your universe, the top of the world,and everything you will do has the reason to please Me,ensuring that I live like a princess. And every luxury I will need will be the hard work of your hands.

You will be receiving assignments from Me and show Me how obediant and submissive you can be via e-mail.Your training will take place how long I think you are worthing.This time you will be My little money pig, My sissy-girl, My personal maid ot a submissive bitch.You wil have to prove to Me that you have completed everything to My satisfaction,and maybe I will let you call Me as a reward for your subserviance.

I also offer chastity keyholding,you will not feel pleasure without My permission,and your little trasure will be in My sweet control.Maybe weeks,months,who knows how much until you will be finally permitted to release again?

You will always need My permission for being with another person again,imagine how does it feel?

You have to get your own chastity device(the CB-2000, or CB-3000),I will own then the keys for it and you can beg for release any time,but it will be My decision if I will allow you or not,because I own you and I have the total control on you.