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My bills are important to you... so important that you feel you must pay them without blinking. Paying My bills it is an honour for you, not a right, and you also have no right to ask for anything in exchange. If you cannot kneel before Me in person, you can certainly offer yourself to Me by becoming a money slave. My money slave!!! The bills are for monthly expenses so you have to pay it before you can always pay it again or pay a more expensive bill this time.










     You are the slave of a powerful woman who likes to be spoiled. And you will have to pay for this. You must buy My attention, or either I won't probably look at you or read your messages. You are just a money pig with a tiny cock. Because you are so pathetic you must pay. You don't deserve to have money, you don't deserve to spend them on your own pleasure!! PAY!!! Me, your beautiful Goddess, asked you to wear a Chastity Belt. Do you want to cum? PAY!!! How would it be to let yourself blackmailed by a beautiful Goddess like Me? Some nasty pictures made by you for this purpose, your home address, contact phone numbers from work, your wife's phone number and a contract you sign that you are willing to pay your Mistress. You don't pay? Then be sure your pics will be seen by everybody, especially by the ones you don't want them to be seen. The consensual blackmail is created for you to be drawned by Me!!!! By financial domination I am not offering you a service! I must have your money just for the simple fact that I exist!!!